About Me

Hi!  I am Jodanna Cook and I am addicted to food!  Wait, isn't everyone? :)  Ok, so, let me rephrase that, I am addicted to healthy food that actually tastes good!  :D

I started this blog because I would often find myself trying healthy recipes that looked really good in the book or magazine, but just didn't taste good at all.  So, on the 2nd and 3rd, and sometimes the 4th try, I would change something here or add a dash of something there and create a "new" refurbished moderately healthy and more importantly a CRAZY GOOD receipe.  Hence where the name "The Crazy Good Cook" came from.  

When I cook, I am all about the "semi-homemade"types of meals.  Meaning, where I can save time but not sacrifice taste, I am going for it! ;)  I know that most everyone else that I know, is always looking to save time in the kitchen too.  As for me, the reason why time is of the essence for me is that I have a full-time corporate job, own a jewelry design business (Allura Marie Couture Jewelry), am a wife to a loving a supportive husband and mommy to 2 precious Yorkies (Maci & Bella).  

I live in North Carolina (slightly north of Charlotte).  I am a true Southern Belle equipped with the accent and all! :)  I have absolutely no formal training when it comes to cooking, my only learning is through the tests of trial and error.  My official taste-tester is my husband and sometimes myself...only sometimes ok! ;)  

From the deepest of my heart, I appreciate you guys taking time to read by blog and more importantly I adore any comments that you leave for me!  

If you do have questions, feel free to email me at thecrazygoodcook@aol.com.  Cheers to living life and making memories and most of all making it CRAZY GOOD!!


The Crazy Good Cook

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  1. I tried your recipe and my wife and I enjoyed it !!

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